Spring Themed Catering

No more winter blues of soup, stew and hot chocolate to warm you up – Spring is finally here.


Glazed hamAnd while spring’s emergence is a sign of new life and a change in the season, it’s also a time to refresh your palate.


In our nation’s capital, people are refreshing their palates with cherry themed plates from the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The annual festival comes about because the Japanese gave us a gift of a cherry-blossom tree in 1912. And we thank them for that.


But this festival doesn’t necessarily have every one of their plates featuring cherry. If they can’t incorporate cherry in their food and drinks, then definitely involve cherry’s color – pink and red.


Here is a couple of spring catering foods that fit that billing that you should think about when hosting your next event from R&R Caterers.


— Ham – It’s the dish that’s popularly served on Easter, Spring’s favorite holiday because Memorial Day is unofficially the beginning of summer. A glazed, warm ham resembles everything that’s right with spring.  Warm, like the temperatures, and pink, like the emerging life that blossoming all around.


— Pulled BBQ Pork – now you may say, “Isn’t BBQ brown?” Well, pulled pork is pinker than brown, in my humble opinion, and BBQ and spring definitely go together. The sweet flavors or BBQ sauce, the smoke on the grill, spring is definitely refreshing.


— Fresh Fruit – Red fruit anyone? Watermelon, strawberries, apples, cherries and raspberries are a springtime staples. Add spring’s second favorite color, yellow, and the pineapple will liven up any fruit salad.


So don’t let the weather outside fool you too much. It’s spring. And let your body know about it by consuming some awesome, sweet, spring foods.