Food Stations vs Buffets

Food Stations vs BuffetsIf you are currently planning a birthday party, a wedding, or another big event, you will have several options when it comes to serving food. You can have servers bring out individual meals to each person who attends your event, but you can also set up either a buffet or food stations to allow your guests to serve themselves and to try a handful of different foods in the process. Many people opt for buffets or food stations, because it’s a great way to get the most bang for your buck and to send all of your guests home full.

Should I have a food station or buffet for my event?

The problem is that, once you have decided to do a buffet or food stations, you will still need to make another decision and pick between the two. Before you do it, you should make sure you understand what each one entails and then go with the one that will work best for your specific event.

At a buffet, you will set up several long tables and put all of the food that you plan to serve on them. Typically, the beginning of the buffet will include salads and other small items before your guests gradually build up to the main part of the dish. It allows people to select what they want while filling their plates with food, and it’s good for those who plan on serving many different types of food at an event.

With food stations, you will take a slightly different approach. Rather than putting all of the food on just a few tables, you will spread it out at stations strategically placed throughout your venue. This will prevent the congestion that often builds up at buffet tables. It will also allow your guests to mingle and find what they want to eat. Each station can have a specific theme that will give your guests the chance to try something new. It can be a fun way to eat at an event.

Regardless of whether you ultimately decide to go with a buffet or food stations, R&R Caterers can provide you with the food you want at your next event. We cater all kinds of events and will set you up with delicious food for you and your guests. Call us at 215-638-7376 to speak with us about our menu and services.