Keep These Things in Mind When You’re Planning a Banquet

Catering for Banquets So you’re planning a catered banquet? Here are some tips to help make the most of the event, such that guests are well-fed and leave happy…

Know Your Demographics

First, you and your caterer need to figure out the “social profile” of your typical guest(s). For instance, is it a well-heeled crowd in business suits and dresses? Are they all college grads? Where do most of them reside? What ethnicities will be represented? Is this kind of event typical for this crowd, or is it more of a “once in a lifetime” thing? Once you and your caterer discuss who is coming to the banquet, you can decide on menu options to meet their needs. For instance, if it’s a crowd that loves health and wellness, then perhaps more seafood and vegetables should be on the menu. Or, if it’s a “rough and tumble” crowd who loves football, then pizza, hamburgers and wings make sense. Also, how spicy should foods be? Younger people tend to like spice, while older ones don’t. Caterers can often offer valuable advice in this regard, helping plan an appropriate menu.

Offer Options

Next, consider that people are picky, no matter what! Therefore, it’s good to give them several choices. For example, not everyone wants to eat salmon as the main course, so it makes sense to offer chicken, pasta and/or salad as alternatives. The more salad dressings, condiments and dessert choices, the better. Also, you and your caterer should keep in mind that some people will have special needs/requests. It’s a good idea to plan ahead if you know certain guests have particular food allergies or intolerances. Religious requirements (such as Kosher observance) can come into play, too.

Play to the Weather

Finally, consider the time of the year when the catered banquet will be held. Certain foods and drinks make sense at certain times of the year– eggnog at Christmas, for example. Besides the timing of the banquet, also consider the location. For a party near the sea it would naturally make sense to have some locally caught fish on the menu. Or if everyone in the region loves a certain sandwich, like Philly cheesesteaks, then it should be on the menu.

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