Tips for Customizing Your Catering Menu

Hiring a caterer is a great idea to make your event go well. When you consider hiring a company like R&R Caterers of Bensalem, PA, here are some tips for customizing your catering menu.

First, consider your guests. Who are they and what do they like or dislike? For instance, you might know that the majority of your guests don’t like or have any interest in seafood, so you wouldn’t want to serve crab cakes, salmon or sushi. Or, perhaps, you know of several guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Maybe they have religious requirements. The more you know about your guests and their eating/drinking habits, the better informed you’ll be in choosing what kind of food and drinks the caterer will prepare for your event. You can always ask your caterer for suggestions, as he or she often deals with this sort of situation and can recommend dishes that “always go over well” versus “ones that people tend to avoid.”

Next, keep in mind “the room” or area where the event will be held. Will there be the kind of space needed to properly setup to prepare certain meal items? Does the site have a refrigerator, a stove/oven, countertop space, etc.? Will the caterer need to bring ice or is ice already there? Are there plenty of electrical outlets available or none at all? Some venues have limitations– it’s best to know how “well-equipped” a venue is beforehand, so you and your caterer can plan accordingly.

Thirdly, you should decide ahead of time whether you want a buffet or a plated event. In other words, do you want guests getting up and going to the buffet table to pick out what they want? Will someone serve them at the buffet so portion sizes are kept under control or will it be a “free for all” situation? Or do you prefer to have a plated event where the caterer’s staff deliver plates of food to people seated at their tables? Oftentimes, the amount of time allotted for the meal at an event factors heavily in the decision of plated or buffet-style meals.

Finally, let your caterer know if you’d prefer a single meal or multiple meals served– this depends on the duration of your event and the number of guests.

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