Why Businesses Should Have a Holiday Party

Office Holiday Party Have you ever been in a situation where there was a party and you weren’t invited? Didn’t that make you feel mad? There’s something about parties that people want to be invited to them– even if they decide NOT to attend, they want to know they COULD have gone if they wanted… and someone somewhere wanted them there. Businesses need to have parties, especially at holiday time, because employees want to feel appreciated. It’s that simple. An invite to the company’s holiday party is something people generally want, look forward to, expect, desire, and accept.

These days it’s getting harder and harder for employees to feel good about their work because companies are cutting all the perks. Maybe it’s to “save money” or maybe it’s because they “fear a lawsuit,” but whatever the reason, when companies get stingy with employees, morale goes down… way down.

Holiday parties are a chance to get everyone together in one room at one time to have a good time. These parties can include awards and honors given out, helping recognize people’s efforts during the past year. Even simple things like “thank you” cards or small gifts of appreciation can be given out to let employees know that management cares. Furthermore, a great holiday party helps employees feel more satisfied with their job, to the point where they brag about it to their friends rather than badmouth the company. Spreading positivity is a very good thing.

Normally cliques form, but at holiday parties it’s a chance to break down barriers between people. Janitors can mingle with execs, secretaries with salespeople, etc. Best of all, employees can bring their significant others, such that their co-workers get to know a little more about them, personally. This helps the whole office/company feel more connected with one another.

Finally, holiday parties are a great excuse to hire a caterer like R&R to bring in dishes employees don’t normally eat. In other words, the food helps spice up their lives and the party– and what’s on the table becomes a natural conversation starter as one person says, “What’s that?” and others reply with their thoughts. Hire R&R Caterers for your company’s holiday party; call 215-638-7376 for details.