2015 Fall Food Trends

8895687_S-125x125Let’s face it: some cities are better than others regarding having their finger on the pulse of what’s cool to eat. Chances are that small town in Middle America is set in its ways when it concerns food; in other words, they like what they like. To get a good idea of what will be popular in the future, you have to look toward metropolitan cities, those cities nailed down to the epicenter of culture and social desire, cities like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is an interesting one. Playfully referred to as Sin City, Las Vegas is known for its excess. A big part of excess is food and drink. That being said, the city is known for its great food and super-talented chefs. If any dish is destined to be popular, these Vegas chefs will know it first, as discussed in this Vegas Magazine article.

Tess Eyrich writes, “What should we expect on the table at some of Vegas’ hottest restaurants this fall? We go straight to the chefs to find out what they’re cooking, as well as which restaurants they can’t wait to try in and outside of Vegas.” She interviews 9 Vegas chefs, including Brian Malarkey, Matt Hurley, Brett Uniss, Michael Mina, Tom Ryan, Rick Moonen, Tony Gemignani, Bradley Manchester, Susan Feniger, and Mary Sue Milliken,

That is an impressive list of chefs, a who’s who of culinary experts. What is the future of food in their opinion? Raw fish and vegetable-focused dishes, for example, seem to top the list –squashes being a contender for most popular vegetable of late 2015. Then there are roasted apples with any cut of pork. A varied yet healthy mix of food. We recommend checking out the article in full for some other food trends.