A Checklist for Hiring a Caterer

Catering ChecklistWhat are some things you should think about when hiring a caterer?

Needs and Headcount

First, what are your needs? How many people do you expect to come to your event? Will they be eating just appetizers and “finger foods” or will a full meal be involved? Will the meal be buffet style where people get up from their table, get in line, and get their own plates full of food? Or will the meals be prepared in the kitchen on-site and delivered one by one to each table via servers? All of these details matter when talking to potential caterers. You have to make sure the one you’re interested in can truly meet your needs. In addition, location matters– will your caterer have to travel a long distance to get to the venue? Will they be too unfamiliar with the venue to be successful there? Does the venue have space to prepare food that’ll “work” for the caterer?

Hiring a Stress Reliever

Next, besides the number of guests and the location of the venue, there’s the issue of flexibility. When hiring a caterer, you want one who is seemingly flexible and “easy to work with” rather than “a nightmare come true.” Party planning is stressful. You want a caterer who pays attention to details, communicates well, and can be flexible if plans change. Ask your potential caterer, “How have you handled last minute changes or problems in the past?” See what their response is, and if they come across to you as creative problem solvers who can think on their feet– hire them!

Considerations When Hiring

What else should you think about when hiring a caterer? How about previous customers’ reviews, which you can see online or find out just by asking via phone or in person. A caterer’s reputation is very important. Over time they’ll develop a stellar one or a “not so good” one, and it’s your job to do research and figure out what several people are saying about them. Ask friends and work associates their opinions. Ask for references from the caterer if needed.

Oftentimes, people choose their caterer based on… cost. Typically, most people don’t want to go too low or too high with the price. So, if one caterer quotes $500 for their service, another quotes $2,000 and the third quotes $900, the budget-conscious customer is probably going to choose the $900 one.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask about their credentials, training and certifications. You’ll hopefully discover that they meet basic requirements of the local health department and their insurance agency– that’s good!

The more comfortable you feel with a caterer during initial contacts, the more likely you’ll have a good overall experience utilizing their services.

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