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How to Plan a Catering Event for a Small Group

Tips for Catering Small Groups

With COVID 19, there haven’t been any safe opportunities to host large gatherings. For weddings, showers, and office meetings to continue as planned, the guest lists must be adjusted. Regardless of your event, here are some catering tips that will help make your small group event a success:  Plan for the Type of Event Before… Read more »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Catering

Event Catering

When planning any large event, one of your main priorities should be to focus on catering. The quality and service of your food can play an important role in the overall outcome of your event. In fact, there is a lot that goes into catering at your event. Find the right caterer, choose menu options… Read more »

Advice for Catering to an Audience With Food Allergies

What are The Different Food Allergies?

If you’re catering to an event with a large audience, there will probably be at least a handful of people who have a food allergy. Most commonly, the foods that cause allergic reactions are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. You can find all of these allergens in a variety of popular… Read more »

6 Tips for Hosting a Healthy Catered Event

Healthy Breakfast Options

Food has the power to attract people to attend your event. If you are hosting an important event of any kind, and you want to keep your audience engaged, consider getting your event catered. Providing food for your guests will make them feel appreciated and cared for while keeping them focused. However, keep in mind… Read more »

Tips for Outdoor Catering

Catering for Outdoor Events

When you’re planning an outdoor event, catering takes on a new set of challenges compared to an indoor venue. Help your catering company give you an unforgettable event by setting them up for success. If you’re hiring a catering company for your outdoor event, follow these tips! Have a Plan for Inclement Weather One of… Read more »

Should You Hire a Catering Company for Your Event?

Event Catering in Pennsylvania

When you’re planning a larger event such as a conference or wedding, it’s not hard to decide that you need a team to help cater your event. However, if you are preparing for a smaller event like an anniversary party, family reunion, or corporate meeting, you may second guess whether you need a caterer. Having… Read more »

How to Host The Perfect Brunch for Your Next Event

Brunch Catering

Engagement parties, baby showers, marriages are all special celebrations, and having a brunch is the perfect way to get together and celebrate your special occasion. With the flexible time frame of brunch, you can host the perfect party, with an assortment of amazing foods. Not sure how to start planning your brunch? Here are some… Read more »

Full-Service vs. Drop-Off Catering

Catering Services

Why do people hire caterers? Food catering helps make events successful! Caterers typically figure out a menu, prepare and cook foods, deliver/serve meals, and even clean up afterward! Strictly-speaking, most caterers are all about food and food only… However, sometimes caterers (and their partners) also bring with them essentials like glasses, china, silverware and linens…… Read more »

Make Your Holiday Party a Hit By Hiring a Catering Service

Are you planning on inviting all your family members and friends to a Christmas party this year? Or is your company getting ready to celebrate the end of another successful year by throwing a Christmas party for all your employees? Either way, you should strongly consider hiring a caterer to provide the food for your… Read more »

How to Book the Right Caterer For Your Next Corporate Event

Catering for a Corporate Event

You’re in charge of hiring a caterer for a corporate event. The pressure is on. It can be stressful trying to find the right caterer for the event. Thankfully, here’s an overview of what you should you know when searching for “the right” caterer for a corporate event. Reviews First, it’s a good idea to… Read more »