A Truly Unique Artisan Version of the Food You Need

Planning a Dinner PartyWhenever you’re planning an event for your friends or business, the temptation is always there to go overboard with the food options and treat everyone to an original experience. Unfortunately, original doesn’t always mean good, and trying to handle too many details can risk the entire party.


Here at R & R Caterers, we’ve seen plenty of good intentions gone wrong, and we often get frantic calls from event planners who are caught behind deadline without having properly taken care of their dining options. If you have a party, reunion or other function upcoming, we want to pass along some useful pieces of advice that may just help you keep your sanity as the party date approaches.


This article published by Amateur Gourmet discusses various ways that dinner party hosts can plan poorly for their guests and event. For the most part, the key is typically to try to enjoy yourself almost as much as you’d like your guests to enjoy themselves, even if you’re cooking the food yourself.


Many exotic dishes don’t lend themselves well to dinner parties because of the importance of timing in enjoying a hot dish. You don’t want to be cooking in the kitchen once your guests arrive, and those who arrive late may not be able to enjoy your cooking. There are plenty of casseroles and other hot dishes that can be kept warm in an oven without overcooking.


If you want to impress your guests with an unusual entree, take the extra time involved to visit a specialty butcher or grocery store in order to find a truly unique artisan version of the food you need. Your guests will love to hear the story of the tiny shop where you found the one item adding so much flavor to the dish. However, don’t feel the need to go overboard with fine milled flours, capers or other fine goods that can add a lot of money to the final cost of your party.


If the date of your party is getting closer and you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed, give R & R Caterers a call. We have plenty of dining options to suit the tastes of a wide range of your friends, family, business associates or clients.