Are Gen Y Food Trends Influencing the Catering Industry?

Generation Y, or millennials, is the generation of Americans born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s. While many in the generation are still finding their place in society, getting their feet wet, one thing is clear: in a few years, they will be a dominant force in all areas of society. The catering and food industries are no different. The millennials are already setting future food trends! You may notice several restaurants changing up their menus, making them more healthy and nutritional. Many catering companies are also jumping on board.



In the article, “Gen Y Sets Future Food Trends,” Food Product Design comments, “There are nearly 20 million 18- to 22-year-olds currently attending college, and the dynamics of food attitudes and behaviors of this generation will shape future food industry trends for years to come.” With so many millennials in the country, it only makes sense that food companies are changing up their game plans. An effective catering company pays close attention to future food trends. In order to survive and thrive in the competitive catering industry, a company must adapt. In terms of food, what is Gen Y into?


The millennials seem more concerned with health-conscious food than previous generations, as many are going meatless, preferring vegetarian, vegan or raw diets. Chickpeas and nut butter, for instance, are very popular. Chickpeas are a popular part of many meals, including salads and stews. To make falafel, for example, you ground, roll up and fry chickpeas (and sometimes fava beans). Plant-based diets will only increase in the coming years, and many companies and restaurants are exploring new ways to use fruits and vegetables.


As more millennials get married and have weddings, we caterers must be ready to appeal to their food preferences. Additionally, as more of them enter the workforce, there will be more Gen Y-influenced catered events and functions. At R & R Caterers, we are adept at adapting! If you are in the Langhorne and Levittown PA area, please give us a call to book us at your event!


For more information on Gen Y food trends, including pictures, you can find the Food Product Design article here.



*Image courtesy of Xufanc