Benefits of Eating Dessert

18257741_S-125x125From a young age we’re taught to think dessert is something that isn’t great for us, even though it tastes so good. But did you know there are actually quite a few benefits of eating dessert besides the taste? The next time you’re going over our menu for an event or party, don’t be so quick to dismiss dessert. It just may be the thing you and your guests have been missing.

While it may seem crazy, there have actually been some studies that show eating dessert helps with weight loss. How exactly is that possible when most desserts are chock full of calories? Well, the issue comes into play mostly for people who are on strict diets. It’s easy to think cutting out desserts and other savory snacks will lead to weight loss, but it’s very difficult to completely follow through. Many people cave and end up binging on snacks or giving up the diet altogether. If you reward yourself with a dessert every now and then it will be easier to stick to the overall plan.

There are also a few nutrients that many desserts can provide, which can be useful when dieting. For example, many desserts like smoothies are made from real fruit. They contain things like antioxidants and Vitamin C. Even things like dark chocolate may help to reduce blood pressure and fight against heart disease.

We’re not trying to say that you should eat dessert with every meal, we’re just saying in small doses it’s okay to treat yourself. No matter what type of diet you’re on or not on, let us help make your next event a success with our catering services!