Here’s Why You Should Consider a Company Picnic on a Weekday

You know how there are certain times and dates of the year when places are “all booked up?” For instance, picnic shelters in parks are more apt to be utilized on the weekends in July compared to the weekends in January, especially in Pennsylvania!

What about company picnics? Haven’t those traditionally been scheduled on weekends when the weather is nice? Yes. But do they always have to be on Saturdays or Sundays? No. If anything, there are several reasons to consider having a company picnic on a weekday.

A Break From a Normal Workday

For starters, workers are used to working on weekdays. They’re used to getting away from work and  their co-workers on the weekends, if possible. Therefore, they’d rather use one of their normal “weekday work days” for the picnic rather than have to give up a weekend date that could otherwise be used for friends and family time… away from co-workers!

If a picnic is incorporated into a workday, then the food can be something workers look forward to after work that day– or even during work, if it’s lunchtime. R & R Caterers can cater the picnic, with great BBQ options, along with breakfast dishes, desserts, and beverages. From 40 to 600 people, R & R Caterers loves catering picnics in the Bensalem, PA area.

A Chance to Reduce Expenses

Companies who want to cut costs can choose to incorporate a weekday picnic so they don’t have to pay the extra cost of renting a venue on the weekend– have it on premises for workers at work instead of at some “fancy, far, out-of-the-way place” that involves time, driving and escalated costs. It can be more convenient hosting the picnic at the workplace.

A Chance for Family to See Your Workspace

On a weekday, if the timing is right, a picnic can serve as an open house, for people who never normally get to see “where you work.” If it’s held away from work on the weekend, then it can’t involve an office/building tour. So, if a company takes pride in where it’s located and wants to show it off to visitors, have the picnic on-premises on a weekday, preferably at a time that’s convenient for visitors to attend.

R & R Caterers can cater your weekday company picnic; please call 215-638-7376 to discuss details.