How Catering Prices Are Determined

Catering Services When you hire a catering service, you’re hiring professionals who make and serve food. How are catering prices determined?

Food and Drink Selections

For starters, what are the foods involved? For instance, some people have very specific needs for their parties or events, such as gluten-free and/or “all organic” items. If a person requests something like grass-fed beef, for example, the caterer will probably have to check with their supplier before purchasing it, to see how much the supplier charges. Furthermore, the number of guests will obviously affect pricing… sometimes caterers can get discounts from their suppliers when they “buy in bulk,” so the more people attending, the better deal everyone gets.

Pricing is also determined by what is ultimately wanted– just entrees versus appetizers and entrees can affect the price.Other costs factored in can then include things like napkins, tablecloths, chairs and dishes used to serve the food. And then there are workers/servers to pay, too.

Overhead Expenses

Caterers have several business-related costs involved in their pricing, because they have to pay bills to keep their business viable. For instance, they likely have to pay for electricity and gas, as well as cooking equipment, and don’t forget marketing and their monthly phone bill. These expenses are referred to as “overhead.”

A typical caterer has to be good with math, because he or she has a lot of numbers to deal with. Adding up fixed costs, the caterer can then multiply the per person charge by the number of people, and add these numbers together to give you a price quote for the job. Obviously, profit must be factored in as well, since that’s the way a business stays in business.

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