In 2014, Let R & R Caterers Cater Your Event

2014 Food TrendsThe New Year is upon us, and we’re all making resolutions and looking ahead towards better days. For the entertainers out there, sophisticated parties can pop even more when you offer snacks and finger foods that feature the hottest trends in taste. This is a surefire way to wow your guests at any get-together.


Paying attention to what the tastemakers have been saying will uncover plenty of fun and unique ideas to try out at your next party. For example, check out some of the unusual offerings mentioned in this article published by Forbes. Some of these party ideas may sound strange and exotic, but most of them aren’t too difficult to implement on a small scale.


Take instant ice cream as an example. By using liquid nitrogen to supercool dairy, sweeteners and dessert flavors like cinnamon or chocolate, you can end up with a sensational treat that will wow the eyes and taste buds of your guests. Liquid nitrogen canisters are expensive but can be purchased online. This quick freezing process also makes the ice cream taste much fresher, as a mix doesn’t require chemical preservatives.


Offering a tray of appetizers sourced from locally grown produce may impress others who appreciate the growing need for sustainability in our world. Locally source products have a growing mystique in restaurants and fine dining establishments, so don’t be afraid to advertise the same if you want to appear more elegant and worldly-wise.


Maybe you might want to introduce your friends to what is sometimes referred to as the “fifth taste” after sweet, salty, sour and bitter – umami. This savory category is present in many of the Asian sauces we love across the globe, like soy or teriyaki. Adding a little of either to some cooked beef hors d’oeuvres will be a big hit at your next shindig.


Catering companies are all over, but the most valuable ones stay ahead of the times. R & R Caterers brings our quality cooking to every event, and we’re always adjusting our expansive menu to keep up with our customers’ tastes. Call us today to take the stress out of planning your next party in southeast Pennsylvania.