R & R Caterers Menus

12082126_S-125x125It’s your private party and you want to make sure that your guests are treated to the utmost experience in quality food. You’ve been to business parties and other events where the food options are criminally lacking. You don’t want to have a crowd of people forced to choose whether they have a better chance at stomaching the spaghetti or the potato salad, or else they’ll go hungry.

Fortunately, when you hire R & R Caterers to handle the dining experience at your Pennsylvania party, a diverse food selection is exactly what you’ll have to choose from. If you’re looking around at caterers and trying to decide what service to trust, check out our menu items to see what we can literally bring to the table.

Healthy eating is a much bigger concern today than in years past, and our vegetable and salad menus offer a diverse selection of scrumptious salads that party guests will love to snack on. Choose from tossed salad, Caesar salad, cole slaw, cheese tortellini pasta salad and our macaroni with shrimp salad. Potato fans still have two potato salads to choose from, as well as a number of other preparations including garlic-whipped or oven-roasted.

Not every caterer is a morning person, but we offer a full breakfast menu to make sure that early get-togethers go off without a hitch. We offer the bagels, juices and Danishes that you can get from any continental breakfast. Our services also go a step beyond by making sure that your guests can choose from hash browns, egg omelettes, bacon, sausage links, French toast and more.

Be sure to check out our BBQ picnic menu as well, a specialty here at R & R Caterers. Our basic barbeque menu contains all of the essentials of a BBQ picnic, including chicken, burgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, cole slaw and potato salad. Our extra offerings can add a great deal of flavor to the party with hot roast beef, Buffalo wings, sauced meatballs and even Italian sausage with peppers.

If you need to feed a group and you haven’t considered using the services of R & R Caterers, you haven’t done yourself the service of checking out the best options. We can handle clients and parties all over Philadelphia and the surrounding region from our location in Bensalem, PA.