Reasons to Have a Christmas Party at Work

Work Christmas Party Food and drinks are usually the highlight of Christmas parties. These parties typically take place in people’s homes, in public places like restaurants and banquet halls, or at work.

Why have a Christmas party at work? Well, for starters, it’s convenient. Workers are already there because that’s where they work. They don’t have to drive elsewhere to get to the party because the party is literally at the office. Oftentimes, when companies schedule parties during non-working hours, several employees can’t make it because they have other obligations. But, if the party is “at work,” then the timing is just right for all (or most) employees to be there, together.

One of the nice things about holidays is that they usually mean a day or two off from work. However, not all businesses, organizations and/or service providers get holidays off. For instance, police, hospital workers, and firefighters work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s.

If you are employed somewhere that’s open on Christmas Eve, for example, and you know that quite a few people will be wishing they weren’t there that day, here’s an idea: have R&R Caterers prepare and serve a nice brunch that day.

R&R Caterers can help make Christmas Eve at work an enjoyable day by preparing egg omelettes, French toast with maple syrup and butter, hash browns, sausage links, bacon, bagels and more. As a catered breakfast/brunch, R&R’s Christmas Eve catering options will help bring a smile to workers who will appreciate the nice spread– a break from the norm, for sure.

Serving the Philadelphia area, including Langhorne, Levittown and Feasterville, R&R Caterers believes that Christmas parties need delicious food no matter when or where they take place. So, whether your office would like to spend time together during the week before Christmas, on Christmas Eve, or afterward, have R&R Caterers bring the food to you– just call 215-638-7376.