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Reasons to Have a Christmas Party at Work

Food and drinks are usually the highlight of Christmas parties. These parties typically take place in people’s homes, in public places like restaurants and banquet halls, or at work. Why have a Christmas party at work? Well, for starters, it’s convenient. Workers are already there because that’s where they work. They don’t have to drive… Read more »

Catered Company Picnics are a Great Way to Reward Employees

Working in Philadelphia can come with certain challenges. Getting to work can be a headache. There’s snarled traffic on the roads and highways. SEPTA is supposed to help with commutes, but as a system it’s not always the best or most convenient. The PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) seems to love to issue parking tickets. In… Read more »

The Birth of the Catering Cool

Christmas has come and gone. New Year’s Eve soon followed. Mid-November through December and into the New Year is one of the – if not the most – busiest times in the catering business. This is make or break time for many catering business throughout the country. It is what distinguishes the professionals from the… Read more »