Spring 2014 Catering Trends

Spring is finally here and with it comes wedding season. We’re always looking for what the market’s cooked up next and the trends that are popping up this year are definitely exciting. Here are some of the functional fads that we’re already starting to see on the circuit.


Couples are looking to highlight their hometown pride across the nation and they’re doing it by using local and organic produce. Not only is this usually more budget-friendly because of lower transport costs, it also promotes local businesses.


And the produce isn’t just getting pushed off as a side dish anymore. Cucumber-mint cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and freezing herbs and edible flowers into ice cubes to keep drinks cool are just some of the innovative new ways local flora is being used.


The days of “chicken or fish” are coming to an end. Couples want to show off their foodie tastes – whether they’re offering favorite comfort foods in hors d’oeuvres sized portions or spicing things up with increasingly popular jalapeno or sriracha-infused sauces.


And two trends that we’re pretty sure are going to stick around that are absolutely exploding this year are hands-free and bite-size dining. Guests want to be interactive without having to juggle a fork, plate, and glass. Small servings allow guests to try all different types of fare offered. And no one wants a stain while they’re all gussied up, no matter how good that lasagna looks! Putting bite-size lasagnas into puff pastry shells solves both issues.


R&R Caterers offers a wide menu of options to cater your next corporate event, fundraiser, family reunion, private party, or wedding. We’re always checking the latest trends to assure that our menu is meeting your needs.



Source: http://blog.spanplan.com/2014/02/spring2014cateringtrends.html