Avoid Wasting Food by Following These Catering Tips

Party Catering

Planning an event can be hectic. A common problem that most hosts struggle with is deciding how much food they should order for their event. Don’t let your event take a turn for the worst by ordering too little of food. On the other hand, having too much food can be wasteful.

So how can you determine what amount of catering is just right for your event? Here are a few of our helpful catering tips for ordering food for your event:

Determine the Type of Event You’re Hosting

What kind of event are you having? Whether you’re hosting an office lunch, funeral reception, holiday party, or another event, it’s important to understand your audience and setting. If you’re having a sit-down event, these guests are likely to eat more than those attending a more active event.

Choose a Time for Your Event

People aren’t always hungry during the day. If you’re planning to host an event in the early morning, your guests are more likely to drink more than they will eat. So, focus on stocking up on items like coffee, tea, and juice. As for food, consider incorporating a continental buffet-style to avoid waste!

If you’re planning on hosting a lunch event, your guests will likely take advantage of the food being offered. It’s always a good idea to plan for a couple of extra dishes if your guests need some extra food to refuel for the day.

How Long is Your Event?

If your event is only a few hours, you don’t need to go crazy with the food options. However, if you’re hosting a longer event that will last throughout the day, you’re going to want to prepare. Consider incorporating dishes like appetizers, sides, and dessert options for everyone who is attending your event!

Take Menu Suggestions Beforehand

If possible, discuss with your family or team beforehand the types of foods they’d like to see at your event. Having this conversation will help you better understand the food that you should order and give you an idea of what people will plan on eating. At this time, it would also be a great idea to have your guests RSVP so you have a general idea of how many people will be attending your event.

If you need your event catered, don’t forget to contact R & R Caters. We offer an extensive menu filled with delicious food choices. Give us a call at 215-638-7376 today to learn more!