Choosing Catering Options for Your Wedding

Never before have there been so many resources for planning and catering a wedding right at your fingertips. Between blogs like the Knot, Pinterest, Facebook suggestions, and Google Readers filled with weekly catering trends, the issue is no longer coming up with an idea, but making it work for your event!


We’ve put together a list of the top three trends to keep in the back of your mind while choosing catering options for your wedding. These are just what’s trending now – be sure to use these only as guidelines, as this is your wedding, not the internet’s.


The first big trend is matching or complimenting your food color to your reception color scheme. If you’re going black and white, consider serving Oreo ice cream sandwiches for dessert or black sesame seed coated sushi as an appetizer. Taste comes first, but that doesn’t mean your menu shouldn’t look great too.


Next, we’ve noticed a lot of interactive options springing up this season. Guests want to have options during your reception, and a big part of that is cooking stations. Whether it’s an omelet bar, a carving station, or a sundae bar, having a chef preparing something right in front of your guests can be a huge asset at your event.


Finally, we’ve seen receptions running later and later recently. Don’t leave your guests dancing the night away after the cake’s been cut without any fuel! Late night snack options are becoming quite popular, so check with your caterer to see if popcorn bars, espresso stations, or even a late night pizza set up with toppings can be arranged.


R & R Caterers is all about staying on top of the trends, but our first and foremost priority is providing great food on your budget and to fit your needs. Contact us today to set up a consult.