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Decorating the Perfect Summer Event

At R & R Caterers, we know how important it is to throw the perfect summer event. Our professional catering menu offers a range of items to satisfy any guest. From baked beans to grilled chicken, we have your summer BBQ needs handled. Leave the cooking to us and take the time to create the… Read more »

How to Plan a Party for Picky Eaters

Most people know someone who is an extremely picky eater, and while it’s usually up to them to find something they like to eat, the responsibility falls on you when you’re planning a party. Of course, you’re never going to please everyone, but if you know your guest list will include several picky eaters, there… Read more »

Catering for Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties? You must think we’re crazy, given that it’s only February and there may be snow when you look out your window, but Spring starts in a little more than a month, which means it’s almost time to start enjoying outdoor parties and events again. But just how do you go about planning an… Read more »

Social-Conscious Caterers in Pennsylvania

The team at R & R Caterers is proud to cater a wide range of events, including fundraisers and other types of gatherings that are for a good cause. We are always on the lookout for stories across the country of people helping out others in the form of fun special events. Many such events… Read more »

Top Food Trends in 2015

Every year we are surprised, delighted, and even sometimes confused about some of the emerging trends in the world of food, and so far 2015 is no different. There are always gradual changes in regards to certain foods or recipes that are popular, but often there are trends that seem to come out of nowhere…. Read more »

Preparing a Dinner Party in 2015

Whether you are inviting friends, family members, or coworkers in to your home, we know that planning a dinner party can be stressful. While we can handle the food, there are still several steps you must take any time you are hosting a dinner. Take a look at the following suggestions and you will be… Read more »

The Greatest Food Trends of the Year

When it comes to discovering what the next big thing in the food industry is going to be, there is no better place to look than the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show. Of course, when 25,000 people in the food industry get together, you can certainly bet there are more new kinds of food… Read more »

Catering Trends for Summer 2014

Catering trends move quickly. What’s hot not only depends on what produce is in season, but on current events, practicality and innovation. With help from Blog.diningin.com, we have some predictions for trends this summer that may help you to design the perfect dining experience for your guests. With the 2014 World Cup taking place in… Read more »

Choosing Catering Options for Your Wedding

Never before have there been so many resources for planning and catering a wedding right at your fingertips. Between blogs like the Knot, Pinterest, Facebook suggestions, and Google Readers filled with weekly catering trends, the issue is no longer coming up with an idea, but making it work for your event!   We’ve put together… Read more »