Pennsylvania Catering Disasters

Broken dishware. Wedding dresses set aflame by a dropped chafer. Trays of perfect BBQ face-down on the grass at a company picnic. Coffee in splotches across rented crisp, white linens. We’ve all heard the stories – events ruined by catering disasters. All preventable, or at the very least, amendable. R&R Caterers has heard it all and we keep up-to-date on the best way to assure that not only does the food taste amazing at an affordable price, but that a misstep or oversight doesn’t ruin the event that you’ve likely spent weeks planning.


Patrick Cuccaro of “Catering Boot Camp” provides some useful tips for caterers to address the two types of catering issues that can quickly become disasters: the stealth disaster and the preventable disaster. Stealth disasters are unforeseen issues that occasionally spring up on catering companies: not enough condiments, a short count on disposable guest ware or fuel for chafers, or linens that get stained early on in the event.


Cuccaro recommends always bringing a “crash kit” in the case of these stealth disasters. “Crash kits” should include extra disposable dishware, fuel, a sewing kit for torn linens or serviettes, and the more common condiments like mustard, salt, and pepper. Less obvious but essential “crash kit” items are duct tape (let’s be honest, it solves just about any problem in a pinch), scissors, and plastic wrap.


The preventable disasters are almost always disasters that occur from under-trained staff (caterers should always load speed racks bottom heavy, not top heavy, to avoid falling over) or from trying to save on rental costs. Sometimes a staff member trips on a cord or gets bumped into. There’s no avoiding it. And if she is holding ten plates for the dinner service and you’ve only ordered five more than you needed, there’s nothing to be done about it. A good catering team always orders 15-20% higher than the estimated need.


R&R Caterers are diligent in preparing for the worst so that you are treated to the best. Contact us today to start planning your next professional or personal event!