This Spring, Get Ready For Some Supercharged Catering

I may sound like a broken record, but as a professional caterer, you have to pay attention to trends. After all, people’s tastes change. That usually dictates what kind of food they want at a catered event. When it comes to food this spring, health is all the rage. In the article, “Foods to power up your spring,” Betsy Stephens of writes, “There’s a food movement afoot: Eating well to look, feel, and perform our very best is hot.”


Although most, if not all, people want to look, feel and perform their very best, such attitudes normally do not translate into food preferences. That is beginning to change, as more people want to be supercharged. Artichokes, spinach, walnuts, asparagus, salmon, strawberries, eggs, blueberries, spring garlic and legumes are very popular. These foods can “power up” your stamina, mood, skin, memory or weight loss.


Asparagus improves your moodAsparagus, for example, is the sadness-squashing vegetable. Have you ever heard of folate? It is a form of a water-soluble vitamin B. Low folate levels have been linked to depression. Adding folate-rich foods, such as asparagus, may lift up the spirits and take one to that supercharged level. In the end, these folate foods are perhaps more effective than antidepressants. At the very least, you will experience no side effects. Considering people want to feel better, many are rushing toward the open arms of folate-rich asparagus, and incorporating it into meals. Caterers across the country are taking note.


Mood is not the only thing people want to supercharge. People also want to supercharge their memory. Blueberries are nature’s post-it notes, indispensable in helping us remember things and, ultimately, improving our memory. That is because of an antioxidant called anthocyanin. Blueberries are full of them. One study even showed that rats that received anthocyanins were less affected by memory loss. Anthocyanin, in other words, keeps the mind resilient and vibrant. People are climbing aboard that anthocyanin train.


Blueberries improve memory


These are just some of the foods that people are embracing in their quest for a supercharged life. As food tastes change, so do catered events. This spring, there will be more “health-conscious” catered events than ever before. What do you think?


Are you curious about other supercharged foods? You can find Stephens’ article here.


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*Asparagus image courtesy of Evan-Amos

*Blueberry image courtesy of Jakemaheu