Top Food Trends in 2015

14954607_S-125x125Every year we are surprised, delighted, and even sometimes confused about some of the emerging trends in the world of food, and so far 2015 is no different. There are always gradual changes in regards to certain foods or recipes that are popular, but often there are trends that seem to come out of nowhere. In fact, this year there are several new tastes and recipes that are sweeping the nation, and we’re here to try to keep up with as many as possible.

Currently, one of the simplest food items is surging in popularity, and that food is toast. For one reason or another, toast is not only becoming extremely popular in cafes, but it is also becoming a popular flavor. That’s right. Toast is no longer just roasted bred with butter. So far we have heard about toast flavored tea and even chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, the dark variety is becoming more popular than ever before. While some people believe eating it has health benefits, many people simply enjoy the taste. Moving from sugary treats to something else entirely, seaweed is another popular flavor this year. If you’ve never tried a seaweed flavored potato chip, now is the time to do so.

Toast, dark chocolate, and seaweed are just a few of 2015’s most popular food items and flavors. There are sure to be many more trends taking shape at this moment and throughout the year, so make sure you keep checking back to stay up-to-date. And let us know how you feel about these trends. Would you ever eat something that was toast or seaweed flavored? And if so, what would you like it to be?