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Why You Should Plan a Company Picnic

Summer is here, and after a tumultuous two years, it’s nice to show your employees you appreciate them. Rather than doing a lunch during office hours, or going to a restaurant, host a company picnic! Warmer weather means it’s a great time to get outside and connect with friends. Company picnics can be as grand… Read more »

Why Hire a Catering Service for Corporate Events?

Should you be a business owner throwing a corporate event in the near future and are looking for an easy and affordable way to feed your guests, consider having your event catered. When you choose to have your corporate function catered by a professional catering company, you will be showing your guests you take pride… Read more »

6 Tips for Hosting a Healthy Catered Event

Food has the power to attract people to attend your event. If you are hosting an important event of any kind, and you want to keep your audience engaged, consider getting your event catered. Providing food for your guests will make them feel appreciated and cared for while keeping them focused. However, keep in mind… Read more »

How to Book the Right Caterer For Your Next Corporate Event

You’re in charge of hiring a caterer for a corporate event. The pressure is on. It can be stressful trying to find the right caterer for the event. Thankfully, here’s an overview of what you should you know when searching for “the right” caterer for a corporate event. Reviews First, it’s a good idea to… Read more »