5 Events Perfect for a Buffet

Are you planning an upcoming graduation party, corporate event or other larger gathering and are unsure what food you want to serve? If so, a buffet may be the perfect option. A buffet is ideal when you’re hosting a large number of people, as they will all have different tastes and appetites. It will allow… Read more »

How to Choose the Right BBQ Catering Service

A great plate of BBQ can make your mouth water and put you in a better mood after you eat it, right? Share that great feeling with others at your events by hiring a BBQ catering service who can prepare and serve the mouthwatering meat and associated “fixins.” If you’re thinking of having a BBQ… Read more »

The Best Events for BBQ Catering

BBQ is delicious. There’s just something lip-smackin’ good about barbequed meat, right? It’s flavorful and yummy. And it goes over well at most events. Speaking of events, what are some of the best events for BBQ catering? Family Reunions Are you planning on having a big family reunion this year? How are you going to… Read more »

Professional Catering Companies V. Restaurant Catering: Which is better for Your Event?

When you’re hosting a large event, you’re going to need to find a way to serve food at your event. Usually, you’ll have two choices when it comes to catering. Either through a restaurant or by hiring a professional catering company. Of course, there are benefits of ordering from both industries. However, they’re different enough… Read more »

7 Catering Tips for Hosting The Perfect Holiday Party

It’s officially the holiday season! Although holiday events and parties may look a little different this year, if you’re planning on hosting a safe event, it’s going to require some planning. If you’re planning a holiday party, make sure you’re doing so thoughtfully. Here are some of our best catering and planning tips for throwing… Read more »